Terms of Service

Last updated on August 26th, 2017

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Eligibility & Registration

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Rules of Conduct

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Third Party Services

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Payments and Billing

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy
In order to make our Privacy Policy simpler, more transparent, inform you about your rights and to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 (EU), we introduce this Privacy Policy as of May 25th, 2018.

By visiting our website, performing a registration and using our services, you accept this policy.

1. Name and Address of the data Administrator
The Data Administrator is Radiohosting.Net
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://radiohosting.net/

2. What data do we collect?
We can collect your personal data via the website, live chat, phone, including the email address, name and surname, company name if applicable, billing address and phone number, providin Radio Hosting that you voluntarily submit this data. Additional information including your IP number, Internet Provider details, server logs presenting your activity in our system, a type of browser and device used can be collected automatically.

We store invoices generated using your Personal Data, emails, support tickets and messages received from you, selected passwords related to our services that you enter, chat, text/SMS and call history as well as a history the history of services that you obtained from us and all changes made to them, and the history of your user account, that you accessed via the login pages:


Radio Hosting does not collect credit/debit card details and does not process any payments directly. For any payments, you will be redirected to payment operators cooperating with us.

3. Why do we collect your Personal Data?
We collect your personal data in order to provide services, allow billing and invoicing, and to provide customer support and technical support. Additionally, if we have your permission, the data can be also used for the purposes of direct and indirect online marketing and telephone marketing.

Should we be willing to process your personal data for any other purposes that they were originally collected for, we need to receive your evident agreement.

4. Your rights
You have a right to access your Personal Data, request to have your Personal Data updated and corrected at any time by contacting our customer support or submitting a request via [email protected]

According to GDPR regulation, you have ‘the right to be forgotten’ and you can request that your Personal Data is removed from our system. Be informed, that removing your data can prevent us from providing you with any services.

If you are located in the EU, you have the right to register a complaint and report violations of the General Data Protection Regulation to proper organizations in your country, if you believe that we may breach any provision of thereof.

You may also request additional information about the way we process your data as well as about your rights using the same email address.

5. How do we handle your personal data
Your data may be processed automatically and manually in order to provide services, process payments and provide customer support and technical support. As the administrator of your personal data, we take all reasonable means to protect them.

We are obliged to comply with GDPR data protection regulations and handle your data in accordance with these regulations. In order to enhance data security, our website and websites of our operators work through SSL secured and encrypted connections.

6. The use of your Personal Data for direct marketing
Your data will not be used for online marketing, telephone marketing or any other kind of marketing actions unless you agreed on that during the registration process or afterwards. Once you agreed, you have the right to revoke your agreement on processing your personal data for marketing purposes at any time.

7. Disclosing your Personal Data to Third Parties
Selected details may be processed by Payment Operators and other third parties or operators cooperating with us, for the purpose of processing payments, providing customer support and technical support, and delivering other services on our behalf.

The parties that we cooperate with, however, are not allowed to disclose your personal information in any way. They may not use it for their own purposes, sell or provide to any other parties for marketing purposes and are obliged to keep all information confidential and secure.

Your data may be disclosed to official government authorities in a case of crime or law violation if we receive a proper request from such authorities.

8. Transferring your data outside Europe
In order to provide you with any services, your Personal Data can be transferred outside EU. Nevertheless, we as well as operators cooperating with us are obliged to comply with the GDPR when processing your Personal Data.

9. The time period for which we store your Personal Data
We undertake to store your personal data no longer than necessary. Selected details may need to be preserved for billing and safety purposes imposed on us as the service provider.

Your Personal Data will be automatically deleted from our system after 24 months from your last activity. Basically, if you stop using our services and will not log in to WHMCS billing system, we will remove your data after the above-mentioned period of time.

After your data is removed either on your request or for automatically, we may still need to keep invoices containing your selected personal data for the period required for billing and taxation purposes.

10. Use of your Personal Data for direct marketing
Your data will not be used for online marketing, telephone marketing or any other kind of marketing actions unless you agreed on that during the registration process or afterwards. Once you agreed, you have the right to revoke your agreement on processing your personal data for marketing purposes at any time.

11. Information collected anonymously
radiohosting.net website and website add-ons may collect anonymous information about visitors’ actions within the website that help us improve our services, website usability, enhance your user experience, and be anonymously analysed for statistical purposes.

12. Our Cookie Policy
Our website uses cookie files to track your actions on our website and to adjust the website content according to your actions. We also use cookie files for promotion, online marketing and advertising purposes.

You can block or remove cookie files via your web browser, however, it may cause the website to work improperly or be partially unavailable.

13. Links to other websites
Besides our best efforts, we cannot be fully responsible for the content and security of all websites linked to our website, especially those operated by private individuals. We advise that you refer to privacy policies of the websites you visit.

14. Updates and changes to this Privacy Policy
We reserve a right to update this policy and, at the same time, undertake to notify about any updates via the email address you use as registered email in our system.

If you have any concerns regarding the data we collect from you, contact us using:
hhttps://www.radiohosting.net/members/submitticket.php or [email protected]

This Privacy Policy becomes effective on May 25th, 2018 and replaces the Privacy Policy published before.